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Eco Green Environment

Welcome to Tilda Goes Green Foundation where our core services, aims and objectives is primarily to propagate a green and eco-friendly environment at all times and in all spheres and places starting from the most vulnerable area and zones in the Niger Delta region of the federation.


This we intend to achieve via this various 13 point Eco endeavors enlisted below [click on each highlighted for more detailed insight]:

A). Eco-Education.
B). Eco-Culture.
C). Eco-Tourism
D). Eco-Sense.
E). Eco-Lifestyles/Tree Planting.
F). Eco-Villages.
G). Eco-Reel.
H). Heritage.
I). Eco-Business.
J). Eco-Fashion.
K). Eco-Marathon &  Sports
L). Eco-Justice.
M). Eco-Innovation.

TGG is committed to creating a GREEN ECONOMY for the next generation of the Niger Deltians by securing a future founded on these 13 Prestigious Goals.

We also are committed to the promotion and propagation of conservationist of natural resources in the rural communities and further in the:

a). Creation of conservation and sustainable development awareness amongst individuals, groups, communities and institutions as well as, conservation and sustainable development policy advocacy and monitoring.

b). Provision of relief materials to the needy, indigent and the less Privileged members of the society including victims of disaster in Nigeria and the world at large.

c). Facilitation of participatory and sustainable management of nature and natural resources, including rural sustainable development; sustainable livelihoods, climate change mitigation and adaption, and renewable energy applications.

e). Promotion of research and publication on the cross-cutting issues of conservation and sustainable development, including biodiversity, indigenous knowledge, and resource use conflict.

M). Promotion of any other educational, charitable and scientific purpose and in particular the furtherance of health and the relief of poverty, distress and sicknesses.

N). Undertaking of any other project aimed at complementing, promoting and supplementing the aims, objectives and vision of the foundation.